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So… It’s been a while and what the hell happened to me?

Yeah, I have been gone for like, three weeks I think, well that was the date of my last post anyways and well there had been some stuff going on, I guess I should segregate it into a list.

Let’s start with…

The Bad [in-a-sense]:

  • School - yes of course, we all have the school stuff to do, but imagine one month of midterms, articles to submit for a school paper, a script that is way too long overdue, block mates that do not know when to keep their goddamn 140 dB voices down to a minimum [not kidding with this one, I could hear their voices from the ground floor, and they were having class in the fourth floor.] And in addition to that, projects, projects, and our beloved best friend that could save us from a failing hell, projects.
  • Family - Every teen is stressed with their family, enough said.
  • Work - So I help out with the family business, although it has become somewhat a pain in the neck when it comes to me completing the required study material.
  • Some College Friends [ a.k.a. some of my kids] - Yes even my kids can be stressful at times, fun to be with, can keep me happy, but stressful to be with for the past three weeks, truth is that a) I am a very bitter and jealous bitch, and as such I envy them and their boyfriends, their boyfriends, their reckless boyfriends that, I would not say this in their faces but since this is a public site I might as well get it over with, I would forever look down upon [literally, I am taller than both of them], think as sick fucks, and are forever ruined my respect for them in my eyes to the point I will only tolerate them because my kids love them and the moment they break their hearts, or just break them in general, or even just harm a single millimeter on the smallest portion on the white are of their little fingers, I break their balls. Not kick. Break. Only for the sole reason that they get to spend so much time together, the jealousy towards the loving couples part, not the boyfriends themselves, they can make out with each other for all I care and they wouldn’t even get an iota of respect back from me [if my kids are reading this, sorry but that is how I feel about them now, any form of laughter or smile that you see when it is directed towards them for the past three weeks. All a demonstration of my acting skills as a royal bitch]; and b) I am there when they need someone to talk to about their problems, but when I want to talk to one of them personally, I never seem to get the right opportunity to do so, I know it’s not their fault, but seriously, a little more “family time” would be nice.
  • Guy that I made the heartfelt post last time I was online in Tumblr, it became over before anything permanent even happened - The reasons, well, I could just basically say that things got cold between us. I do not want to go into big detail, but if he were reading this now, I would say thank you to him for the short period of happiness he brought to me, even though we never became officially together. His friend who is also my friend sort of explained why the coldness happened and well I understand that, and I forgive him for that, but start to love him back, I don’t think it would come back as easily as that, I am a type of person who falls in love easily, but once my love is lost, it would take a long time just to even consider the person who lost my love as a friend that I could talk to. All I ask for is that it doesn’t happen again to another person, for both him and me, because I would not forgive him if he gives another person the same treatment.

And now for the good bits

  • My Kids - Sure in the list above there was a lot of bitch to throw around for my kids that it could be considered an all-you-can-bitch-buffet but seriously, do you think I could stay mad at my kids? Sure, their boyfriends are forever idiots in my eyes, and my kids make stupid actions, but hey, I love them all the same and if I let their personal lives ruin what my kids and I have going on, then that isn’t me, that is a clone, created by the Al-Qaeda, for the sole purpose of suicide bombing and to induce mass terrorism. Although expect me to not control my mouth when I am pissed or worried. And besides, at least I get to spend some quality time with one of my kids [and a few Com Arts friends of mine] at least.
  • The Chancellor - I know, I know, “The Chancellor, he made your week good?!” Yes he did, and no you sick perverts not in that way. He was actually nice to talk to and he provided me  with a much better version of my “wake up call” which I needed, as in really needed. I think I’ll talk to him again sometime next week.
  • My good old best friend from high school - I would mention their name but If I did then I would be disturbing their privacy and possibly endanger her with the wrath of crazy pervy stalker dudes, they know who they are anyways. It felt so nice to be with someone who I haven’t been with for like… month, as in it really felt nice to just talk to someone who I don’t see everyday yet I am close with, hmm when I put it that way even I got confused, and I rarely get confused with my own words unless I am being scatterbrained. But anyways I had such a good time with her, even if we did see a snake along the path we were walking :)) I wish we could do it again actually, spending time with each other, not the snake “ordeal”, and maybe with more people from high school?

Anyways yeah, basically that is a watered down explanation to what happened to me for the past three weeks. Comment it, Reblog it, whatevs, I don’t really care, I just want to share how I feel through words. Good night everybody who knows how to read :)